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Peterpan Magnetic

I don't have any detail about this board, that is magnetic with nice drawers for the discs. It's similar to the Pressman but it doesn't have frames on the board.

Update: I found this board on Board Game Geek, marked as Peter Pan. The first, superbe picture was taken directly from that site. I suppose that it's marked "Othello" and not reversi, but until I'm unsecure, it remains here.

Playtime image
Discs material Two plastic discs stiched together
Board material Plastic and metal
Year of production  
Place where bought  
Box image
Happy End Graphic Set
(click to download and
unzip in the

Differences Graphic Set /
original board
The white row where the board folds is not reproduced.
Usability /5
Look /5
Author Francesco Marconi / Beppi Menozzi

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