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Beppi's App Studios

Beppi's App Studios work since 2013 to provide the funniest free games on Android
QUICK for adults,
SAFE for kids,
INTELLIGENT for everyone.

We currently have over 1 million (1148366) of downloads (June 2016), on Google Play only (not counting Amazon, Samsung and other smaller stores), thanks also to some apps that are now offline. We removed them because they don't match anymore our ideas and our target downloaders. But you can still check all the others!

In the meantime we also work for the industry, developing custom private apps in many fields, mainly for Warehouse automation, Local Transport automation and Map localization.

Our Ideas

Quick, Intelligent, Clean and Safe!

Our games must follow these strict rules, not just to be compliant with Google's "Designed for Family" indication, but because we believe in them:

Quick: we respect your precious time
Intelligent: we want to train your brain, not anesthetize it
Clean: we don't want violence, offensive words or negative thoughts to come through
Safe: we don't want to put your kids in danger with chats or social sites

Casual Games

Casual Games are small and quick games that are suitable to be played in busses or elevators.

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Brain Games

Brain Games should challenge your mind and your creativity, or simply enjoy your gray matter.

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Kids Games

Kids Games are expecially thought to be played by human puppies, but not only, actually.

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Utility Apps

Utility Apps are not games, although you can try to play with them as if they were games, without any fun.

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Some of Our Public Apps


An award winning free synth for Android

Unleash your imagination with this free live synth, with 20 incredibly powerful and controllable sounds.

QiBrd - Bank 01

Tron SpaceDelay on Steroids

4 incredible new sounds based on the free sound Tron SpaceDelay

Logo Boot

A powerful tool to create your own welcome screen

Spread your information and contacts with logo boot.

Touch me

A crazy party game.

Can a game be simpler than this one?

Paper Sizes

Paperless info on paper.

A handy utlity with everything related to paper, from size convertion calculators to weights, color and history.


100 puzzles to save the world.

To solve each of these challenging riddles you have to use your brain and learn how to use the objects you'll find at your convenience.

Soap versus Baby Bathtub Toys

A funny bubble game for kids.

Kids love the mess they can create by popping bubbles in a seemingly easy way.

Universe Race: Star Pilot

A challenging 3D race in the space.

3D graphics are pushed to their limits in this fast paced race game.


An intriguing word puzzle in 7 languages.

Wooords has been downloaded 69954 times in its free and payed version. It is available on Amazon and Samsung stores too. (June 2016)

Soap Bubble Bang!

A frantic, relaxing and easy casual game.

The adult and more challenging version of the kids game.

24 Soap Relax: Math Coach

A new way to laugh with math for kids.

Can you reach 24 by adding the bubbles? At the beginning it's simple... Challenging and brain-teasing very quick game.


A totally new concept of music maker.

RyZm is available in two versions (full and lite), and has been downloaded overall 182880 times. (June 2016)

Smart Al's Brain Training

A set of 24 different daily brain exercises.

Smart Al's Brain Training has been downloaded 77179 times. (June 2016)

Stepcounter Pedometer

Count your steps!

Stepcounter was our first app. It has been downloaded 121597 times. (June 2016)

Referee Whistle Stopwatch

A useful tool for the referee without a pen.

Whistle has been downloaded 104242 times. (June 2016)


Smile free emoticons

Smile is not available anymore. Before being removed, it has been downloaded 257544 times in about 36 months. (June 2016)

Fool your brain

Lots of optical illusions

Fool your brain is not available anymore. Before being removed, it has been downloaded 250285 times, entering the top trend apps for a while. (June 2016)


Lots of memes

Meme is not available anymore. Before being removed, it has been downloaded 65123 times. (June 2016)


Quick Quiz

Quick Quiz was a now closed series of 6 different quizzes with 100 questions each. Their subject was: the sea, capitals, flags, mountains, sci-fi and famous smiles. They overall got 15377 downloads. (June 2016)

And there are even more....